xShop v1.1 for osCMax released 9-24-07

SASoft is pleased to announce the completion and release of xShop v1.1! The latest release of xShop has many updates and new features that make it even more useful in managing your osCMax store.

All licensed users of xShop have immediate access to the update in your member account. Login here to get it:

xShop can be purchased here:



The xShop free trial has not yet been updated to v1.1, an announcement will follow when it is.

Updates in xShop v1.1

  • Full multi-language support
  • xShop connections file is now encrypted
  • Full QTPro support has been added
  • Fixed error displaying product list with products without categories
  • Complete rewrite of Options and Values screens to support multi-language and QTPro
  • All screens that support multi-Language have been rewritten to support the default language
  • Many errors related to multi-language support have been fixed

Upcoming v1.2 release

We have already started work on the v1.2 release of xShop. The following
enhancements are some of the new features scheduled for the next release:
  • Multi User login and Access levels - Ability to enable or disable features based on configurable user permissions.
  • A new Reports interface with customizable and user creatable XML reports

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