xShop v1.2 for osCMax released 04/15/08

SASoft is pleased to announce the release of xShop v1.2 today.


xShop is a Windows XP/Vista compatible administrative management tool for osCMax that replaces the web based admin panel. It vastly improves security, speed and productivity.


Learn more about xShop by visiting our forums: Sasoft Forums


If you are currently licensed and using a previous version of xShop, login to your account and download the latest version. There are significant improvements that have been added to this new release.

Login to your account here:

A short list of the fixes included in this release follow below.

  • Full rebuild of the QT Pro system. Now fully integrated and working Correctly. Quantity is correctly tracked per attribute combination
  • Moved QT Pro to its own input screen
  • Added more descriptive labels to the Connection screens to make setup easier
  • Fixed error with Remote Path and Remote Image Path. The Remote Path is now labeled as Remote Catalog Path
  • When adding or editing a review, when clicking on Link To Product , all products are now displayed
  • The "Date Available" field for product entry is now a selectable calendar control
  • All numeric fields on the Product screen only allow numeric values
  • Fixed the error that was occurring when adding attributes to a product where only two attributes could be added at a time

SASoft is also pleased to announce the release of xShop v1.2 Free Trial package today.

You can get the free trial here:


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