xShop 1.0 for osCMax has been released

We at osCMax.com are all very excited to announce the release of the brand new xShop 1.0 software from SASoft Incorporated.

xShop is a Windows Vista/Windows XP based application to manage every aspect of your osCMax store. xShop is designed to completely replace the osCMax web based admin panel while expanding the capabilities of osCMax. Security, speed and work flow are all greatly enhanced.

As a special offer for all of our osCMax members, get a discount of $40 off xShop when you purchase with following coupon code:


If you are interested in increasing your productivity, saving time and ultimately increasing profits, I strongly recommend xShop.

For specifics about xShop and SASoft Inc visit:

And visit the xShop support forums here:

To see pricing for xShop, visit this page:

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