osCMax Projects section open for submissions

I am happy to announce that the osCMax projects section is now open for submissions. This new area of the web site is devoted to mods that have been converted to work with osCMax. If you have converted a standard osCommerce mod to work with osCMax, post it to this section. This will allow you to share your work with the rest of the community.


You can create a new project by going to the Create Content section in the main menu and clicking on the project link. That will open a project submission page. On that page you will see quite a few fields. Fill in the required info, being as detailed as you can, and skip the sections that you do not have yet (like cvs, or documentation, etc). Then submit the form and on the next page, add a release. 


Adding a release is how you upload your mod package. It can be in tarball or zip fomat only. Any other formats will be rejected by our moderators.


Once you submit your project, it will go into a moderation queue for testing and approval. If approved, your project will appear on the projects page within a couple of days. You will be notified when it gets approval.


I know there are a lot of you who have been adding mods to your osCMax store. Now it is time to take credit for the cool work you have done, and show your fellow osCMax users just how smart you really are!


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