Database corruption 5/6/07 lost several hours of posts had a few problems with the forums on the site today. We received several reports that threads were missing and forums were empty. We quickly located and corrected the problem, however several hours of posts were lost due to database table corruption. We were able to restore from a backup that was only a few hours old which minimized the loss to only a few posts. If you notice that one of your posts is missing, it is most likely due to this problem.


This is a good time to bring up the topic of backups. Without our automated backup plan, we could have lost 95% of the information on the forums. That would have been devastating. For any of you that run information heavy database driven sites, you need to get your backups automated. There is just too much that can go wrong and leave you with nothing. Make regular backups and you will be happy you did. I am very happy right now, and will sleep well knowing our disaster recovery plan worked very well in its first Live test. 


Thanks to everyone that reported the problem and submitted error messages that you were getting.  It helped in quickly tracking and fixing the problem. As of this post, everything is back to normal and we do not anticipate any further issues.

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