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Templates for osCMax 2.0

7 years 37 weeks ago

The Blueprint CSS Framework provides for cross-browser creation of multi-column web designs.

7 years 37 weeks ago

Combining the Blueprint CSS Framework into a copy of Compromise template with the addition of the Stylesheet Loader as a template framework.

7 years 37 weeks ago

osCmax v2.5rc1 Stylesheet Loader:How to load stylesheets on a per page per box per item process at any time during the page generation process using PHP and Javascript.

7 years 25 weeks ago

Converted from a STS template by freeoscommerce.comDrop-in addition, making no changes to core files.May be adapted to suit osCmax 2.5 features.More available at ejSolutions.co.uk

12 years 2 weeks ago

These are the Cobalt and Fire templates simply repackaged for osCMax. Just copy to your site as you see fit. I am working on more contribs as time go's so this is just a start learning as i go.

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