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10 years 6 weeks ago

This project is to create and maintain a Dutch language pack for osCMax v2 rc3. My goal is to create this language pack in 4 steps.


Step 1: Customer/frontend at 98% translation, mainly leftover are the help-lines

7 years 25 weeks ago

This is a correction of parts of the french language files .
We corrected lots of typos and backslash errors .
This is work in progress but quite complete, except for gift vouchers and affilites, because we don't use it

10 years 15 weeks ago
This is the French Language pack for osCMax 2.0. This is a full language pack and should have translations for all the new osCMax features. It has been added to the osCMax Languages section and is available for download.
6 years 7 weeks ago

As the german translation in osCmax 2.5 beta2 is incomplete, the goal of
this project is to check the german language files for missing defines or
typos and to improve phrasing. All langugage files will be compared with the original english file.

7 years 46 weeks ago

Traduzione Italiana di osCMax ver 2.0 RC3

- tradotta parte Catalogo
- traduzione parte Admin 30%

10 years 3 weeks ago

The files of Polish language to osCMax2.0 which are the base of communicating the programme in Polish. As yet they are this only files of programme, administration in Polish it is in project and will

5 years 33 weeks ago

The romanian translation for the catalog site.

6 years 7 weeks ago

Spanish Translation for osCmax 2.5 release, including both catalog and admin sites. The aim is to have a full spanish site working out-the-box with a comprehensive translation when the final 2.5 is released.

9 years 50 weeks ago

Please be aware this modded files include the iframe for postcode soap i posted up on oscmax.com couple of months ago

To stop any errors please download and install postcoder soap first then overwrite files the with these UK based shop files

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