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9 years 37 weeks ago

Dynamic MoPics, product and category images, fully functional when stored in 'standard' (default) subdirectories.Slimbox image popups, for a more polished Web2 look (also in 'Max 2.1).Automatic thumbnail creation within Admin. for the first product image.Product image subdirectory chooser.This project concentrates on using Slimbox2 for image popups.

9 years 11 weeks ago

From contribution originator:
"With this Image Manager it's easy to manage your file's in the images folder. You will see a preview and information like image size, file size and modification date. You can rename, delete and upload a file under the same name. Also you can upload 10 new pictures at a time. I also included a lightbox for nice pictures previews."

12 years 3 weeks ago

This is a complete integration ultrapics to the oscmax store. Install this store as you would a stock oscmax store. The sql file has been modified to install all tables when you install the store. This is a full stock oscmax v2.0 store installation.

9 years 16 weeks ago

A port from oscommerce.Using jquery, display a slide show of products, with various transition effects. Configurable in Admin. and sized by one file and CSS. Live example included in documentation.

11 years 8 weeks ago

This mod allows you to give your shopping cart a more web 2.0 feel with a Product Image Ajax Lightbox Popup .


Instead of waiting for a new window to load when you're trying to view the larger image, it pops up immediately to showcase your product.

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