Credit Card Encrypt and Decrypt on the fly.

A Much Better Credit Card Module than the Basic One. This is perfect for those who need to process cards offline like wholesalers etc. It encrypts,decrypts on the fly and adds cvv. I have it working however there are a few bugs that I Know a couple of you here could fix in 10 minutes. Please post all fixes back here. This is a great module lets get it done.

Basic Description:

  • Collect cvv, switch issue and start date.
  • Allow encryption on cc number in database (see below)
  • Allow bypassing of the card validation and identification, set in admin.
  • Allow bypassing of the card blacklist check, set in admin.
  • Allow bypass of cvv collection
  • Allow bypass of issue collection It will also determine which card type the customer uses based on the BIN (Bank Identification Number) of the card. (the first 6 digits of the card) The card is either accepted or rejected depending on the card type which can be set by using the cc module configuration in the administration panel where you can set card types on and off.
  • You can now access a credit card blacklist and enter cards you do not want to accept via the admin panel.
  • If you select to split cc info by entering email address in admin module it will send not only the middle 8 digits via email but also start date, issue number and CVV too.
  • There is also changes which allow the automatic deletion of the CC info via a button in the orders page in the administration panel.


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