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Enhanced Dynamic MoPics and Images stored in directories


Dynamic MoPics, product and category images, fully functional when stored in 'standard' (default) subdirectories.Slimbox image popups, for a more polished Web2 look (also in 'Max 2.1).Automatic thumbnail creation within Admin. for the first product image.Product image subdirectory chooser.This project concentrates on using Slimbox2 for image popups.There is an alternative 'J' patch fork that uses the original
osCommerce/oscMax image popup but should be considered obsolete.Should people wish some/all of the functionality incorporated into the non-Slimbox one, then make your voice heard.

If only one image is required for a product, then this can be input via the Admin console as normal.If there's a need for additional images, whether as different viewpoints, options or colour swatches, then these are uploaded using an FTP program.

Image sizes will need to be set prior to uploading.Donations (via my website/downloads) to the project buy fuel for the 'bike/beer money - both known to clear the cobwebs and oil the wheels of thought. ;) *** Please see [b]View all releases[/b] to get the latest, with descriptive text ***


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