I am getting the following error with UPS XML. I recently upgraded this site from an older oscmax version and moved to a cpanel server. I have a 2.0.4 version and a 2.0.25 version running and both give this error.

111510: Unsupported packaging requested.
If you prefer to use UPS as your shipping method, please contact.....

If I change Dimensions Support to No or Ready-to-ship only I get the same error.
If I change Dimensions Support to With product dimensions I get a white screen with:

Fatal error
ERROR: No boxes to ship unpackaged product

You can see my cURL settings, which I believe are fine, from the test script below.

Can anyone offer suggestions to the cause of this and how to remedy???

## Test if cURL is working ## 
echo '<pre>'; 
echo '</pre>'; 

Which results in:

array(9) {
string(6) "7.21.6"
string(17) "i686-pc-linux-gnu"
string(14) "OpenSSL/0.9.8b"
string(5) "1.2.3"
array(16) {
string(4) "dict"
string(4) "file"
string(3) "ftp"
string(4) "ftps"
string(6) "gopher"
string(4) "http"
string(5) "https"
string(4) "imap"
string(5) "imaps"
string(4) "pop3"
string(5) "pop3s"
string(4) "rtsp"
string(4) "smtp"
string(5) "smtps"
string(6) "telnet"
string(4) "tftp"