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Thread: Help for templates v2.0

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    Default Help for templates v2.0

    Here you can find the modification in dreamweaver of fallback html
    help for template and some configurations

    But it is also easy to change the fallback template in dreamweaver


    If you open the main_page.tpl.php it look like this and you have no plan to change it.
    Attachment 763

    But if it look like this is more understandable
    Attachment 762

    How to in dreamweawer:

    Right click on the mouse--> Table--> Expanded table mode
    Attach the CSS it is easier to work delete the line after
    Attachment 764

    After your work it could look like this

    The result is this

    Do the same thing with box.tpl.php

    In this example the buttons are no images but controlled by the language pack and the css
    Michael as written some were a thread about this in the forum or download the instructions from the link at the top

    I hope i could inspire some of the newbys
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    Default Re: Help for templates v2.0

    your 3 attachments do not open

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