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Thread: CE Phoenix v1.0.2.0

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    CE Phoenix v1.0.2.0

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    Post CE Phoenix v1.0.2.0

    CE Phoenix v1.0.2.0

    This release introduces standardisation of the Product Layout.
    Thank you to forum members for testing of the new layout.
    If you or your employer is commercially dependent on Responsive osCommerce, please help to support continual forward movement in the code-base. Phoenix needs you as much as you need Phoenix! Join the Phoenix Club; Phoenix - osCommerce Support Forum

    Michael Sasek

    osCmax 2.5.4 is now available via auto-installation using Softaculous!

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    Default Re: CE Phoenix v1.0.2.0

    Hi Mike, long time no contact. So what do you think about CE Phoenix? Would it be worthwhile merging oscmax onto/into phoenix?

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