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Thread: My Order History not working on CC test

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    Default My Order History not working on CC test


    I've installed OSC 2.2 and when testing the checkout process using a test CC number I notice there is no data displayed on the account order history page although the order info has been stored in the database.

    I'm not sure why this order history page is not being pulled through from the db.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Any ideas appreciated.

    The site url is https://www.intahealth.com/shop/default.php

    Thanks in advance.

    The Snoop Snoops Again

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    Default problem solved

    yep - after messing about for a bit trying differents things i decided to re-install the database taken from the latest snapshot.

    It worked for me - let's hope the rest of you can get OSC working.

    OSC is excellent system so far - great to hack - i just hope nothing else goes wrong.


    The Snoop Snoops Again

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