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Thread: Urgent help...Two price listing column ??

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    Default Urgent help...Two price listing column ??

    Hi...is it possible to disable the tax calulation function and have two listing for price ?

    I am doing a website for renting service...so i need to have two price listing...deposit and refund....

    How can i go about it ?

    can sombody help...been struck in the web for a couple of week...

    Urgent help...

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    Maybe using the BARCODE/ISBN to add more feilds into your item details would be a start. The next part where you charge out the DEPOSIT with RENTAL fees - then that is a bit more tricky - but not impossable.

    The question is about chaarging out Deposit....are you using an online CC processor or an inhouse/offline system? Did you want the deposit total included in invoiced amount? (Would be easier to show as a separate price - work it on the same line as how total "freight wieght" is handled.)

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    no using any processor...

    abt the "barcode" could u tell me more,please...

    if the oscommerce can show two calculation...that would be best...
    one for deposit...one for refund...

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    Add UPC numbers, SKUs, ISBN/ISSN, etc


    SHOWS you to add feilds into your product such as : ISBN numbers, Product size, Author, SKU, Ratings, or other infromation you want the customer to see.

    As for OFFLINE payment is best and make it a bit eaiser as then you can process the RENTAL amount right away and (only) authoized the deposit amount.

    Follow the ISBN process to add "deposit amount" feild as a NUMBER (not text) to show as "deposit applicable" on each item and (if you feal you could do it or later on) from that you can add and calculate the "total" deposit which you could add to the apporperate screens (follow where the WIEGHT is calculated and add your own DEPOSIT_TOTAL and display that on the total screens).

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    okay...thanks for the info

    but wat is actually UPC, ISBN ,SKU ?

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    UPC - Universal Product Code - barcode seen on most products in supermakets.
    ISBN - International Standard Book Number - numbers that identify a book - no mater how it is printed (hard or softcover), when or by whom. (ie: Amazon.com book sellers uses them for new/used item lookups)
    SKU - Stock Keeping Unit - A code or number that a manufacture, distributor or retailer uses internally only to identify a product. (ie: what supermarkets use when there aren't any barcode on loose fresh fruits & vegetables. Or a "shirt" or other clothing item may have a model number but has may colours and sizes - each size/colour may have a diffent SKU but are the SAME Model - to keep track of stock levels for each size/colour etc...)

    Understand now?

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