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Thread: How to rebuild QT pro?

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    Default How to rebuild QT pro?

    Hi there folks!

    I'm just beginning to get my teeth into OscMax. I have have (mostly) successfully imported all my data from my previous OsCommerce installation using MySQLDiff and phpmyadmin.

    The only problem is I have no QT tracking information to import for my products.

    When I click stock on a product with attributes it says :

    "The stock quantity summary is ok
    This means that the current summary of this products quantity, which is in the database, is the value we get if we calculates it from scratch right now.
    The Summary stock is: 10

    The options stock is ok
    This means that the database entries for this product looks the way they should. No options are missing in any row. No option exist in any row where it should not.
    Total number of stock entries this product has: 0
    Number of messy entries: 0

    also on the report page it says

    "QTPro Doctor - Overview

    You currently have 132 products in your store.
    0 of them have options with tracked stock.
    In the database we currently have 0 trash rows.
    Sick products in the database:"

    How can I track my product option stock from this point and make use of this feature ?

    Thank you for your time
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    How to rebuild QT pro?

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    Smile Re: How to rebuild QT pro?

    Just go to admin --> Catalog --> Product Attributes and then look top left "Product Options" select the option ... click EDIT ... select 'Track Stock' checkbox ...


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    Default Re: How to rebuild QT pro?

    You are an absolute legend ... I had that installed on my OsC and could never get it working.

    There's OsCmax set up and populated. Just to get the design on it

    Thanks for the help!

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