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Thread: Urge help needed on live site

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    Hi guys ,
    I need some urge help. A customer on my website has found 2 problems on my live website and I need a solution as quickly as possible since this is a live site. I am running on OsMax v2.0 RC3.1

    1) The first one may be an easy fix I don’t know but here goes. For some reason even through I have my admin setup to charge sale tax just for my state, it is charging tax on out of state customer also. Does anyone know what may be causing this problem and how can I correct it?

    2) The second problem may be a little harder and probably more important. When a customer places an order in our site, in the admin there are two orders generated, the first one has the correct dollar amount of the order but the second one has a larger dollar amount than the true amount. For example, this customer place an order that total $106.00. In the admin I do see this order for the $106.00 but I see a duplicate order for the same exact item but on the order the total amount is $463.00. And I’m guessing that when the customer went back in to check his order he saw this larger total amount because he email me back questioning this larger dollar amount and wanting to know if he could cancel his order. Does anyone know what is causing this problem and how can I fix it?

    Please help I need to fix these problems as quickly as possible. Thanks guys for any and all help.

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    Default Re: Urge help needed on live site

    1) You should just configure correctly your tax zones.

    2) I am quite sure that does not happen on a standard OSCMAX 2 store, that must be due to some changes on your store, or pretty unusual conditions.

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