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Thread: Changing database account/password

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    Default Changing database account/password

    I have used a developer to mod my oscmax site and install it. I have enough knowledge to do the backend cpanel stuff but I'm not really a php person...

    So my question is this:

    I have set up a database for them to use.

    I set up a user and password for them to install the site with

    Question: What do I do to change the username/password with which to access the database once the developer is finished setting everything up so they cannot access the site/database anymore?

    I know how to set up the user/pass in cpanel but where do I tell oscmax to use the different username/pass?

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    Default Re: Changing database account/password

    Catalog/includes/configure.php and Admin/includes/configure.php You will have to make those files writeable (set permissions 644) then you can change it then make sure you make them read only again(permisions 444).

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    Default Re: Changing database account/password

    1) in /includes/configure.php and admin//includes/configure.php you will have to change the database user/pass
    2) you will have to change the database user/pass in cpanel for that mysql database
    3) you will have to create a new administrator in the admin
    4) you will have to delete the default administrator (or change the password) from the admin
    5) if you gave then shell or FTP access to the server you will have to remove any such access via cpanel

    1) and 2) secure the database
    3) and 4) secure the store's backend
    5) secures the server

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