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Thread: Oscmax Manual?

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    Default Oscmax Manual?

    Is there a manual or must I go fishing every time I need to learn how to do the basics?

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    Oscmax Manual?

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    Default Re: Oscmax Manual?

    Yes, the current retail osCMax User Manual eBook is here:

    Here is the wiki

    It is still in the process of being moved to this site...
    Michael Sasek

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    Default Re: Oscmax Manual?

    Thanks. It is very cool -- this ecommerce thing ... Whole 'nother niche ...

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    Default Re: Oscmax Manual?

    There is a basic stuff here:

    There are books about osCommerce.
    oscbooks.com - osCommerce tutorials and ebooks for instant download

    More options here at one of
    osCommerce, CRE Loaded, ZenCart manuals and books


    Amazon has several books - since osCMax is 99% osCommerce plus MANY osC additions and contributions --- ANYTHING on osC could and will help.

    Just keep in mind the BTS - Basic Template System has removed many part of the code to the template directory.

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