I never have easy problems

2 different carts, same intermittant problem, using different shipping table/methods -
Cart 1 uses the standard built in table only and only accepts PP, processes +/- 5 orders daily

Cart 2 uses MultiGeoZone as well as 2 table methods and accepts multiple payment methods including PP, processes +/-30 orders daily.

Ocassionally orders come thru with the shipping noted as:
1: $1.00
7: $7.00
I see some with 4, 5, 6, 7 & 9 for both numbers also.. they are always the same number:
8: $8.00

Neither of these carts have any $X.00 $ amounts in their shipping tables.

The shipping shoud have come through similar to this:
FedEx US Lower 48 States Delivery $8.95

Looking at their databases
Cart 1 has about 12,000 total orders with about 45 of these showing like this the earliest is July 2009

Cart 2 has a total of over 39,000 orders with about 40 showing like this, the earliest 11/20/2009

I have examined each of the orders that are still in my email program and can not find any corrolation between them..

I manage several carts and these 2 are the only ones exhibiting this odd behavior.. any clues for me??? Thanks!