Hello All,

I found this contribution at oscommerce. It does work with RC3


This very cool, since later you call load your RSS vile into edgeo and they distribute your product all over their network (not sure about effectiveness of their distribution network, but still better then nothing)

You can make simple modification to that contribute to show sales price in your RSS rather then regular price.

Just change the product query to:
Query Line 87:
select * from products INNER JOIN
products_description ON products.products_id =
products_description.products_id LEFT OUTER JOIN
specials ON products.products_id =
specials.products_id INNER JOIN products_to_categories
ON products.products_id =
products_to_categories.products_id INNER JOIN
categories_description ON
products_to_categories.categories_id =
categories_description.categories_id WHERE
products.products_status = 1
Line 117 Replace products_price in xml with


Have fun!

If you have any problem make sure to check your paths and make them like /var/www/vhosts/brjewelry.com/httpdocs/feeds/
And not like feeds/