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    Default Changing one page?

    What files do I change the code in a certain page? I'm a bit confused by the BTS system. I created my own template, and it controls all of the pages....Where are the files to change each pages content:


    include (bts_select('main', $content_template)); // BTSv1.5

    For example this in shoppingcart.php

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Changing one page?

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    Default RE: Changing one page?

    in the content subdirectory of your new template. If BTS does not find a template in that directory it defaults to the fallback/content directory to provide the content.

    So, in your new template directory, create a subdir called content and then copy the template that you want to customize from fallback/content to your new content dir, and proceed to customize it...
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