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Thread: Dynamic Mopics Admin - Please help!

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    Default Dynamic Mopics Admin - Please help!

    Totally new to oscMax - been lurking for ages because I didn't feel confident about modding inside the template system - much easier than I thought. So, I've just started and I'm asking for help already!

    I need easy admin access to upload images. Has anyone managed to successfully integrate Sebastian Fränk's Dynamic Mopics Admin contrib? It's two very small pieces of code in admin/categories + an SQL file and it looks like it should work... I've been trying to get it to work for days (and nights).

    Better still, has anyone managed to add MaxiDVD's Ultimate Images Pack to oscMax? (It's the first thing I usually add to a standard osC 2.2) - total control and really quick and easy admin access to upload the basic sm, med,& lrg, plus extra images.

    Quick and intuitive image management is a must so if there's no way around this, I'll have to get back to using stock osC, which is a shame because, otherwise, I'm totally impressed with the package and all the work that's gone into it, for which, regardless of the outcome here, thanks guys and congratulations.

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    Default RE: Dynamic Mopics Admin - Please help!

    Well it is not in the package as no one requested it......


    Do you have the contrib numbers???

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    Default RE: Dynamic Mopics Admin - Please help!

    Dynamic MoPics Admin - what error are you getting? Does not look like it should conflict with anything....

    UltraPics - MS2 Image Addon Pack?

    Might be a bit harder as we don't use the same WYSIWYG editor - MaxiDVD's only works with IE and ours works with IE/OPERA/FIREFOX ect...

    TOO much to do and soo little time.

    Try and addin your self using Beyond Compare.... Remember that much of the code moved to the template directory....

    if you have problems - post the error/problem/code and we can try and help...

    Good Luck....
    Good Luck

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    Default RE: Dynamic Mopics Admin - Please help!

    Thank you for your replies jpf - I've been persevering with it and still getting nowhere. The UltraPics contrib does have that IE-only wysiwyg drawback but its a small loss for what you get. Try it on a clean install of osC2.2 - it just drops right in and provides a great image-enabled interface where you can see exactly what you're doing and do exactly what you want. Only niggle I've ever had with it was the lack of sorting in the image uploader when a large number of images were involved but that was easily fixed by better folder organisation. Having said that, I don't fancy trying to integrate it. You said it - time get's scarce!

    I described Dynamic Mopics Admin as a contrib - it's actually just an add-on URL:[http://www.oscommerce.com/community/...s,1114/page,6] to the Dynamic Mopics contrib.

    I've got myself into a big mess of my own making! I first added the Hide Products From Groups contrib. I then added Sebastian Frank's Dynamics Mopics Admin contrib which should allow admin access to non-ftp administrators to upload images. In fairness to Sebastian, he did say, "this is not a final version. See it as a v0.1." but he also said, "these changes work for my store."

    The Dynamics Mopics Admin addon is not working at all. As I understand it, on the New Product page, I should browse to and select the main thumbnail image - image.jpg - and, from another folder on my computer, I select a larger version with the same filename; DynamicMopicsAdmin adds a number - actually a string + a number - that will increment for each additional image starting at: {imagebase}_pic1.jpg) i.e. the uploaded image will be renamed as image_pic1.jpg

    I'm getting an upload success message for each image but only one image, the thumbnail, has been uploaded properly. The larger image uploads, not to the images/images_big directory but to the images/ directory and it is renamed not as "image_pic1.jpg" but as "_pic1.jpg"

    Looking at the code, however, that's exactly where I would expect it to go so I'm at a loss to know how this is supposed to work:

    case 'new_product_preview':
    // copy image only if modified
            $products_image = new upload('products_image');
            if ($products_image->parse() && $products_image->save()) {
              $products_image_name = $products_image->filename;
            } else {
              $products_image_name = (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_previous_image']) ? $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_previous_image'] : '');
      // added by Sebastian Fränk begin
      // for Dynamic MoPics
              for ($i=1; $i<MAX_PICTURES_UPLOAD + 1; $i++) {
                if (isset($GLOBALS['file_' . $i]) && tep_not_null($GLOBALS['file_' . $i])) {
                  $upload_file_image = new upload('file_' . $i);
               	  $image_base = substr($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_previous_image'], 0, -4);
                  $upload_file_image->set_filename($image_base . '_pic' . $i . '.jpg');
      // added by Sebastian Fränk end
    Problem is, even if I get it to upload correctly, the thumbnail has a click-to-enlarge link only if the Big Images Directory in Admin/Configuration/Dynamic Mopics is set to blank i.e. if the default setting, images_big, is deleted. Then, when you click on the link, it's the thumbnail that pops up! I checked to see when the addon was uploaded. It was 22 Jan 05 - just had a feeling it might have been All Fools Day.

    I FTP'd an image_pic1.jpg (and also tried an image_1.jpg + corresponding admin/Mopics_config setting) to the images/images_big directory but still no click-to-enlarge link.

    EOF tether

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