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Thread: looking for engine documentation.

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    Default looking for engine documentation.


    There seems to be no documentation on the OSCommerce engine anywhere. To be honest, from looking at the code, I can't understand where anything is coming from or what's happening at all. All I can find is guides on changing the look and feel of OSCommerce -- adding a box here, changing some text there.

    I'm not new to coding PHP, I just really can't follow this code. Documentation as far as the OSC engine is concerned would help greatly, so if it exists, could someone point me in the right direction?

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    Default RE: looking for engine documentation.

    STANDARD or STNADARD.TXT file that is include with the ZIP helps.....but offer not much help.

    tep_database-pr2.2-CVS.pdf that is included SHOW the database and how most things relate - however does not show the EXTA contribtions that are added in osCMax....

    Most things are using fuctions written in php and are "included" in the code to enable to be used. Nearlly ALL text are store in variable that are loaded dynamically thus it may be hard to understand as nearly everything uses a fuction or variables....

    Unless your going to write CUSTOM CODE - the only way is to follow the logic and see how it all relates.....(in other words --- DIVE IN)

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    There is a knowledge base for Standard Oscommerce at:

    NOTE: Max uses a templating system... so some of the Standard info may not apply.

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