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    Default Yet another issue

    I resolved the last issue, thanks! But now I am faced with something that in my mind should be simple.

    I cannot figure out how to change 2 things:

    1 the default text on the main page
    2 The name that appears in the explorer bar. I can't get rid of the ": welcome..."

    I thought it would be a simple as define('Main_Text','blah') but alas not

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    Yet another issue

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    Default RE: Yet another issue

    1. Just edit the Define Mainpage section in the admin panel to change the main page content.

    2. It is as simple as you thought. Just edit /catalog/includes/languages/english/index.php. That is where the title bar text is defined.
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    Default RE: Yet another issue

    I cannot find the define mainpage section on the Admin Panel. Is it a subheading?

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    Default RE: Yet another issue

    Never mind. Found it.

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