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Thread: Dhtml Menu Problem

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    Default Dhtml Menu Problem

    Can someone have a look at my site and look at the catagory "Zippo Lighters" as you will notice I have way to many sub-cats. they stretch of my page. Is there any way to make this not go off the page and just start a new column side by side?.. Thanks in advance


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    You can have nested categories which would help. So "Sports" "Cars" "Accessories" "Other Styles" would break it down.

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    Default dhtml menu show second line incomplete

    Nein, dummkopf. He is asking how to fix how the sub cat appear when using dhtml and the name is long. Instead of showing for instance a second line, say if the name was "Hollywood legends" it only show a complete first line and the second line is cut in half just like he shows on his web-site. The question then is, because I'm having the same problem, how to fix this second line showing only half way. The ideal way would be that it (dhtml) allowed to show the first and the second line complete, and not cut in half on the second line, capito. The option to make the dhtml box (where it show the second line cut off) wider should be out of question; then the box itself would look ackward or too long.
    Thank for your response.

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    Default RE: dhtml menu show second line incomplete

    no, his problem is that on a small screen the menu is longer than the screen. I had this problem when I used a similar menu that I made with "sothink DHTML menu" application. I checked a box that said "scroll menu", but it only worked with IE. I am sure you could get this code and incorporate it. I would just use sub-categories. I got rid of the dhtml menu because it added 100k to the site and took client cpu cycles (customers with slow computers had to wait 45 sec for the home page to load) and was not search engine friendly.

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