Hi all

I have recently installed Product Tabs contribution and Drop Down Menu (Advance Search) contribution. Both are terrific contributions and work well however...... both have javascripts included to run.

All is well until I am required to list the product and I have a conflict between the scripts and either the product tabs doesn't work or the drop down menu dosen't work.

In product_info.php I call the product tabs script via <script type="text/javascript" src="scr.js"></script>

The products tabs has the following in the js file however I don't know what to change it to :

// If you need to call other scripts onload, change this call

I have searched and understand that it is an "event" problem however I am not sure where or how to change this with all the js scripts and php within the cart.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could either assist me or point me in the direction of a solution to solve this.

Look forward to your response