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Thread: Directory of categories-products

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    Default Directory of categories-products

    Hi guys
    Long time since last post...

    Today I was requested to do a cart job again, so I came with this question...

    I was asked to do a "directory" of categories/products in homepage, like you can see in this one...

    Can be this done automatically ?
    Maybe a plugin ? ...

    Thanks a lot. Hope your help.

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    Default RE: Directory of categories-products

    Sorry osCMax is not a ASP coded application. It is coded in a universal PHP code that works on all servers (not just Windows based servers).

    There is NO plugin - however there is contributions.

    With the TEMPLATE system you can make osCMax look like just about anything....

    As well as make it DO anything also....

    Having said that - exactly what did you need? Catagories on main page?

    Good Luck!

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    Hi jpf
    Well, i forgot the word "contrib" and wrote plugin

    Well, let me know if you know about a contrib which could do the same thing that does that ASP shopping cart... do you know any ?

    The main problem is: to show categories/subcategories in main page (if possible, also articles, let's say, everything lol)

    thanks 4 helping

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    I had to do something like this manually, on http://diecast-world.com I am sure it could be coded but he also wanted to have a quicker way to have products in multiple categories, so we created "hidden categories" - We put a hidden html tag that has a textstring in each listing that we want for a category like hc-classic-musthangs and hc-one-eighth-scale, then we re-created the menus on the home page that either searches for the hidden categories, or lists the real categories.

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    wow, that's lot of work for little time for doing this
    that's why i was asking, searching for contribs or addins, or little hackings

    thanks a lot for your help

    anyway, your site looks very nice and very well customized !

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    Don't need the hidden categories with Max because it has a mod to link the products into another category instead of just copying. Thats better!

    However, it does not take much time because there is no debugging just copy and paste and change some text.

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    You may want to look at the Site Map MS2-2.2 contrib:
    It appears to pull together the information you want, but lists it as a column.
    I, imagine with a bit of modification, you should be able to get it to do what you want.

    Note: When I did a trial installation recently, there were a couple of glitches, but after deleting troublesome code it was fine. The contrib may have been updated since then.

    By the way, if you've had a peek at osCMax v2, you'll see that this contrib is already included - it's last on the list of links in the Information Box.

    Good luck!

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    Wow !!
    that's lot of help !!

    thanks 4 the info guys !!! great help !

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