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Thread: Modifying Category text size and prominence...

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    Default Modifying Category text size and prominence...

    Hey everybody, I have a site that I am almost done with that I am trying to modify how the text for the Categories is displayed. Because of the type of product that is being sold we cannot use images to describe each one. So we have to rely soley on text. I want to make this text appear more prominent and obvious to browsers of this site.


    Site Admin of Collectorholics.com

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    you could use styles, in the style sheet, though the problem is that they seem to control an aweful lot of things... but that would be one way anyway. sorry if that isn't much help

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    Default Changing the look of the site...

    Ok, not to be mean but you should probably look at the code of the site, there is very little (if any) CSS used at all. This is done primarily with PHP which I am still a novice with and it uses a little HTML here and there.

    I am basically trying to change the appearance of the site.
    That means text size, font, strength, that means the color of the site, backgrounds, excetera. I am pretty sure I know how to modify the background because its all tied to gifs, but the rest of it I am a bit lost with.

    Does anyone have any suggestions.

    By the way, thanks for trying. At least you had a suggestion.


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