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Thread: Easy Populate

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    Default Easy Populate

    This is concerning the Easy Populate feature. When I download the complete file, it opens great in microsoft excel. After I upload the file into the database, it does not give me any warnings and appears succesful. However, the parts do not show up! And when I go into the database, they are not their either. Am I doing something wrong? After I get done in Excell, I save it as a Text (tab delimited). PLEASE HELP! Thank you!


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    make sure that when you are done editing, the table headers are still on the first line.

    When it imports it should look like a whole lot of data on your screen, do you see this?

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    When I go back and llok at the text file, yes. The headers are all there. However, when I upload it, above the easy populate box, it says:

    File uploaded.
    Termporary filename: /tmp/php2sxAIi
    User filename: EP2004Dec06-1402.txt
    Size: 724
    No warnings at all. Its wierd. Any thoughts?

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    I meant to say that that NO, there is not any data except what I listed above after I upload. Thanks

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    Reply on this thread with one of your easypopulate files (attach it). I'll look and see if there's a problem with how its set up.

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    Default Easy Populate

    See what you make of it. Thanks

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    For starters, you have the quantity at 0 for this product.

    Secondly, you have two lines with the same product model but the same categories, that just doesn't make sense, but should work alright with EP.

    My recommendation to you is to go in the admin and make a few products through the webadmin. Then do an easy populate output and see what you get. Try and fill in as many fields as possible with good data so you can follow their data as a template

    Or if you want to try something a bit less on you work, use the sample data that comes with OSCommerce to show what an EP file should look like.

    I'd give you one of my EP files, but I have so many attributes that it might just confuse you

    Oh well, I'll go ahead and post one. Take a look through and you can see how I set it up.

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