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Thread: ERROR 1054 Anyone????

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    Default ERROR 1054 Anyone????

    I keep getting this error when login. Is anyone familiar with this and can tell me where I may need to look for alterations? (Trying to customize a login page layout and can't get it work at all.)

    1054 - Unknown column 'products_options_value_text' in 'field list'

    select products_options_id, products_options_value_id, products_options_value_text from customers_basket_attributes where customers_id = '6' and products_id = '175'

    When I do a search, it also directs me to the login page.

    I have PWA installed and tried not using it but that didn't work either. I've tried too many things at this point. ???????


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    PS. It's located here if that helps. http://www.stressbank.com/catalog

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    ERROR 1054 Anyone????

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    You should run the sql file included in the PWA mod on your database. You are missing that step.
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    I've tried that and uploaded all of the files that are included with PWA again without modifications and added the defines to see if that would work. I would be happy to get this working without PWA at this point after 4 days of getting nowhere. I don't understand it because I got it working on another site and it won't work on this one.

    Would it have anything to do with SSL? I am not using a certificate at this current site at this point.

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    I uninstalled paypal with no luck but then uninstalled product attributes and I got it working finally. Whew!!!

    Now I just have to find out why doing a search logs you off or directs to the login page.....

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