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Thread: Will STS work with ms2max?

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    Default Will STS work with ms2max?

    I'd like to integrate an HTML template such as those sold by templatemonster.com, into my ms2max site. Is STS (Simple Templating System) the best way to do it, for someone with minimal programming knowledge?

    Is anyone here using STS with ms2max? The STS doc says that it must be installed over a clean install of osc. Just wondering if it will cause any conflicts (e.g. with the BTS or any of the other preinstalled mods) if I install it over ms2max. Thanks.

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    Will STS work with ms2max?

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    Do a search here. I think it has been installed successfully in ms2max. I am not familiar with STS though...
    Michael Sasek

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    STS - Simple Template System
    BTS - Basic Template System

    Why use BOTH?
    STS - is only for simple layout changes (but not each piece/box).
    BTS - is for nearlly the WHOLE site including almost all boxes layout can be changed.

    STS - is based on "PARSING" the standard code and changing it. It does not change much - thus can't do too much.

    Where as BTS - changes manyfiles - add the ability to change nearly any layout of most boxs anywhere on the page without "requiring" to code in PHP.

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    STS is waaay better.

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