xShop Max : Windows XP back end for osC-MAX v1.7 :: Request for beta testers:

Sasoft Inc, in conjunction with AABox and OSCdox is developing xShop-Max, a windows XP application that replaces the web based administration panel for osCommerce and osC-Max.

This application runs on Windows XP, and creates a live link to your database from the XP desktop. We are opening the private beta development today, and if you are interested in participating in this closed beta test, please register at:


This is a limited beta round, and we are looking for about 20 good beta testers that will put the inital beta release through its paces. If you are not serious about doing a good job of testing, please do not register.

Once registered, you will be given access to download the beta application for testing.

This beta is compatible with osC-Max v1.5.5 and v1.7, so you should be running one of those versions.

Thank you,

Michael Sasek