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Thread: New File Manager

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    Last year (9/19/09) a hacker took advantage of a security hole found on my site.
    It allowed him to rewrite almost all of the my files, even the ones in admin
    so they contained the hackers code.
    You could see that by opening just about any file.
    You could see code starting like this in the first line:

    <?php /**/eval(base64_decode

    They got in via the admin/file_manager.php file. Once the
    security hole was found by the hackers they wrecked
    havoc, and are still doing so on oscommerce sites all over the web.
    We deleted the File Manager and installed TextMaster with Tiny Mac WYSIWYG editor.
    This has worked so far but it was mess at first. Good luck.

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    New File Manager

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