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Thread: Google Checkout for osCMax

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    Google Checkout for osCMax

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    Default Google Checkout for osCMax Bugfix Realese Beta 1.2

    An updated package has been released that fixes a few bugs, most notably adding compatibility with individual shipping in osCMax.

    To upgrade your module:

    1. Disable the googlecheckout module in the osCMax admin panel. Be sure to copy down all the info for easy reference, as it will have to be added again.

    2. Upload the new googlecheckout files. If you are updating an existing install, see the changelog for the files you need to upload.

    3. Re-install the module in the osCMax admin panel

    added this to the $mc_shipping_methods array

    'indvship' => array(
    'domestic_types' =>
    'indvship' => 'Individual Shipping'

    'international_types' =>
    'indvship' => 'Individual Shipping intl'

    added this to the $mc_shipping_methods_names array

    'indvship' => 'Indvship',

    and in the includes/modules/payment/googlecheckout.php file line 52 change

    $this->shipping_support = array("flat", "item", "itemint", "table");
    $this->shipping_support = array("flat", "item", "itemint", "table", "indvship");
    Michael Sasek

    osCmax 2.5.4 is now available via auto-installation using Softaculous!

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    Question Google Checkout for osCMax - Checkout Issue


    I installed the Google Checkout Module and everything was going swimmingly. I received my first order however the order is visible under customer orders but there is no record of the transaction through Google. I contacted them with the customers email etc and they said there was no record of the order and suggested that "It might be that the buyer did not complete the order process by confirming his order." (I remember there was an issue with PayPal doing this as well).

    Any Suggestions?

    Is it a setting issue? A Stupid CUstomer Issue? Or did I just botch up the installation? LOL

    Thanks, Heathyre

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    Default Re: Google Checkout for osCMax

    Anyone know how to get osCMax coupons to work with Google Checkout? Currently, you don't input a coupon until you get to the checkout page, but by then the user is no longer allowed to select Google Checkout as an option.

    From what I've read the ideal behavior is that the user selects Google Checkout and then inputs the coupon code at Google, which then can figure out the discount through the Merchant Calculations API. Any idea on how to get this to work?

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    Default Re: Google Checkout for osCMax

    When adding a product then chossing checkout when i get to payments Google Checkout is one of my Options i also have sescurepay Credit Card and Check or Money order but when Googlecheckout is selected it confims the order but never goes to Google checkout and never recvie any info from google checkout saying a payment has arrived any help would be great

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    Default Re: Google Checkout for osCMax

    Thanks for the great contribution. I faced a shipping issue: when I checked out the order, Google checkout did not automatically collect and calculate the freight from the carrier (FedEX), turning out all the shipping rates are 0.

    I am using osCMax v1.4beta1.2 and all the default shipping rates were set to 0 (default). In Google checkout account, I set up all the FedEX delivery methods by choose carrier-calculated rate.

    Has anyone experienced the same issue like me? Please advise on how to fix this.


    Tim Cheng

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    Default Re: Google Checkout for osCMax

    Yeah, I did and ended up stopping the usage of Google Checkout - switching to Paypal IPN at the moment. Google Checkout would be great but the contribution definitely isn't working properly.

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