- BUG FIXED: object not existing error when trying to display a message below header. (application_top.php)
- CHANGED footer.php to capture content in case it was not done in column_right.php. This is useful if you have removed the calls of column_right.php in all your catalog files, you don't need to put them back for STS to work.
- BUG FIXED where $productdatelabel was not displaying the date correctly. (general.php).
- ADDED possibility for modules to display their own debug information, below the main debug part. (sts_display_output.php)
- BUG FIXED where $cartcontents was not using SSL. (general.php)
- ADDED method array_capture in class sts to merge an array in format array[placeholder name]=> 'value' with $sts->template array. Only for developers who know what they are doing.
- MODIFIED class sts to not call the function sts_strip_unwanted_tags when infoboxes templates are used. It was causing problems with templates without tables as well as with other contributions that modify the infoboxes (like Dynamenu).

In sts_default.php module (v2.1.1):
- BUG FIXED in module sts_default.php where the default template was used for all pages, even if a template with specific name was existing.
- ADDED possibility to use a content template without creating a specific module, by modifying module sts_default.php. This is useful when creating new pages. See chapter 3.11 of the user's manual for details.

In sts_product_info.php module (v2.1.0)
- BUG FIXED in module sts_product_info.php where the end char logic for the content template was using the constant from the main template.
- ADDED print of debug informations in module sts_product_info.php . Informations displayed are: content template used and list of placeholders.

Full package tested with SSL and GZip compression