If you have the following contributions installed in your osc and are wanting to add the Products options added to Product edit page then you can down this file and just upload the admin/categories.php file over your file after you have BACKED IT UP!

Otherwise you can use a file merging utility like WinMerge to compare your categories.php and this one. Make changes where it is appropriate.

Be SURE you back it up before you replace it!

This Categories.php has been modified for the following contributions.

Modified for MVS V1.1 - Multi Vendor Shipping
categories_images_folder_treeV1.2 - Saves images to categories where product is located.
category_descriptions_v502 - allows for descriptions to be displayed in the categories.
Quick Edit Installation and icons_1 - Allows you to click icon in admin that takes you directly to the edit product page.
Ultimate_SEO_URLsv21da_1_2 - Allows for search engine optimization.

If you do not have at least MVS or the categories image folder tree then you should probably down the previous download.