Credits: for the original script.

Jake Patterson, [email protected] , for implementation in osCommerce (after dynamicdrive this was the smartest part).

Azer for finding a simpler install, no more language files to edit, say thank you to him on

As for myself, I only assembled the ideas to a new package, including a new readme with some advice on variables in the .js file.

Tested in IE, NS and Firefox, degrades well in non-compatible browsers.

You can see the script in action on


This simple contribution allows the Info Boxes to be expanded and contracted by the user.
Two screenshots are included.
When a user clicks on the title bar of an info box, the box's contents will either appear or disappear depending on how it is displayed upon page load.
Each box can be set up to be expanded or contracted upon page load and a cookie can be set to remember the users preferences, for this read the variables bit in the readme file.


Only 1 file to add one single line to.
One file to edit optionally for 2 variables.
Javascript file and new infobox files to upload to your server.
Easy as a whistle.
Readme & two screenshots inluded.