-> Changed - to , in includes/header_tags.php for the keywords tag.
-> Included code for NOODP tag to prevent DMoz from changing site description
-> Changed h1 and h2 classes to eliminate extra space
-> Changed instructions to use an on-page link to increase link exposure for the products
-> Added an infobox that will appear on the product page and contain information about that product. This increases the keyword density count for that page.
-> Added a note to the Install_Admin.txt file to the section of change that seems to trip up most people. Hopefully that will prevent that common mistake.
-> Added a "How To Operate" file to make working with Header Tags easier.
-> Fixed code for font size in Header_tags_fill_tags.php file so it displayed
correctly with IE.
-> Added defines to text in header_tags_fill_tags.php file.

The support thread is at

This is a complete package.