Added support for multi-languages stores, to generate feeds in the choosen language for Google Base (US, UK and Germany) and in English with USD for

New features:
- Modified the Google Base feeders to permit to select the language of the feed. (Useful especially for non-English stores.)
- Created a froogle_us.php, froogle_uk.php and froogle_de.php for easy submitting to the different localizations of Google Base.
- Modified the sql file to insert entries in the database
- Updated the admin interface
- Modified the output of the id (last field of the feed) of the froogle feed, to respect the specifications of Google Base. (You need to have different ID for products submitted to Google Base US than for those sumbitted to Google Base UK & DE, otherwise Google considers them duplicate and removes them. So added a simple "us", "uk" and "de" to the id.)
- Fetching of the path is now done automatically (no need for manual editing) if currency conversion is enabled in the Google Base feed

- Modified the bidhopper feeder to get the prices in special (and not the normal prices) for special items:
- Modified the bidhopper feeder to specifically select the English language (useful for shop who don't have English as their default language)
- Modified the feeder to accept currency conversion to USD.

- Fixed an error of a double "/" in the path of the Froogle feed

Includes the previous update of Jan 7th, 2006.
Does not include the previous edirectory feed and it's update of Nov 10 & 15, 2006.