This addon replaces the fixed jQuery-UI sidebar and navigation bar from stock oscommerce admin with bootstrap responsive navbar and sidebar.

The sidebar can be toggled to a column of icons that expand on mouse over, or can be shown expanded by default.

It adds bootstrap 3.3.7 and Font Awesome from bootstrapCDN to admin. It can be switched to local copies of both in the file template_top.php.

- Replace stock files (header.php, template_top.php and template_bottom.php) with the supplied ones (or use a file comparision utility if you have modified them before).
- Upload new files to [admin dir]/includes/navigation.


- It is possible to maually reorder and assign icons for the sidebar entries by editing the file /admin/includes/navigation/menu_icons.php. Stock oscommerce entries are already assigned.
- If you want stock alphabetical order you can uncomment the lines on menu_sort_admin_boxes() functions in the file /admin/includes/navigation/sidebar.php (line 43);