GRA4 Social Network v.

With this osCommerce contribution your web store will have it's own social network in minutes.
Social capabilities build stronger bonds with the buyers, simplifies customer support, and promote your store in many ways.
Give it a try - installation (as well as deinstallation if you don't like it) takes about 3 minutes =)

This version was created on osCommerce 2.3.1
and has not been tested on other versions (although we believe it should work on any 2.x.x installation)

Module created by GRA4.COM ( )
Main osCommerce Installation:
Social Network:
Please note - to see the social capabilities to the full extent you have to be logged in as store customer.

Get updates and support at webmasters group:

How to install

1) Copy files from the catalog/gra4 of this archive to catalog/gra4 directory of your osCommerce

2) Navigate to


How to uninstall

1) Remove directory catalog/gra4