MPU --- 1_5_g - edits [15] to [19] --- mjr bluegreenenterprises

Ok - first issue mostly resolved, that was the zeroing of columns that were hidden

latest edition in product_updates[19].php, --- there is an echo statement at line 308 [[[echo $sql_do_update . '
' . $query_string_parameters;]]]

that throughs up the error:

UPDATE products SET products_price = '', products_model = '', products_weight = '', products_quantity = '', products_image = '', products_status = '1', products_ship_price = '', products_last_modified = '2008-12-14 15:11:37' where products_id = '19'
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/bluegree/public_html/OSC_TEST_GCO_GCODEv145a/rc1_GCOv145a/admin/product_updates[19].php:308) in /home/bluegree/public_html/OSC_TEST_GCO_GCODEv145a/rc1_GCOv145a/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 22

but by commenting this out you can avoid this error message.

zip contains file update from [15] to [19] but only [19] is needed.

remaining problem:

on first load, and first click of update button without editing any data one product's data is errased, you can actually see this happening in the error above to 'theres something about mary'

the quizical point is that it is item id/number 19 towards the bottom of the page, hence I have no idea yet why it is being picked up and changed.

secondly - when update button is clicked, the get query string in the url has 'listing=' amended to it. I believe this is due to the sorting arrows code but still the answer is alluding me.

I am looking in to the functions tep_get_all_get_params() and tep_href_output() ??? to see if i can use these purposefully to alleviate the get array parameter problems.

so for now have a look through [19] and let me know your thoughts here:

Many thanks