* Full Direct Payment and Express Checkout support.
* Issue refunds, capture funds, and charge cards from the admin.
* IPN support to manage refunds, charge backs, and e-checks.
* Set order status based on payment status.
* Full item list visible in your PayPal account for each order.
* Full CCGV support

Bug fixes in this version:

* Fixed path issues for stores located within directories.
* Error is now displayed if $order_totals bug is found in checkout_process.php
* The billing address now shows up every time for Express Checkout customers.
* wpp_diagnostics.php now correctly diagnoses a 1.0.0+ installation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you currently have a version lower than 1.0.0 installed and want to upgrade, you must first completely uninstall the previous version. Notes about how to do that are in the readme.

Support Thread: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.p...iew=getnewpost