We run a decent business with a large online presence. We've been using oscmax for over 10 years.

We're stuck on a modified version of 2.0.25. It's got lots of additions of our own and other's on. It's had various patches over the years. But clearly it is *totally* out of date and won't work with modern versions of php etc.

We're on php 5.3.28 and mysql 5.0.96 and our version of linux is also out of date and no longer supported.

Clearly we are not in a good position and we have to do something fast.

Because we've modded the site so much, it's been hard to find a new platform but we need to desperately.

The physical server the site is hosted on - dedicated - is also on its last legs and we're concerned it could die at any time.

We have a brand new private cloud server which can, and does, run multiple other sites on ubuntu 16.0.4 (with a LOT of available cores, memory and disk space). We have room left for multiple VMs. The current server oscmax on has 2GB RAM and 80GB! That doesn't even touch what we have available.

Two questions please.

1) To prevent the current hardware dying on us - is there a simple way to make a whole copy of the current server - maybe via an iso grab of some sort - to simply move it from this dedicated server to one of our VMs on our private cloud. This wouldn't fix the software problems, but it would mean the hardware won't die on us any day, as it could now. And it would save us the cost of the dedicated server we are basically wasting at the moment.

2) Is there a procedure that won't - a) be a complete nightmare and b) will be secure - to upgrade oscmax to a version that allows us to use a stable version of php and mysql? Bear in mind we do have quite a lot of mods to both the template and some of the core code too. What versions of the software (oscmax, php, mysql) would we need and are there any guides to upgrade. Is this a realistic option?

Even if we do either or both of these options, ultimately, sorry to say, we're going to have to move to a totally new platform. Oscommerce/OscMax has served us very well over the years and thank you to everyone involved, but development does seem to have stalled - I say that with no offence intended, I know how these things go. We're just struggling to find a good platform to move to, but we are working on it.

But if, in the meantime, if we can do at least one of these options (ideally both), that would at least help me sleep better at night. This is not just my business, but employs quite a number of people and we need to secure the software.

Thanks *very much* in advance for any help anyone can offer.