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Thread: Questions about features...

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    Default Questions about features...

    I have been playing around with a couple different ecommerce installations. I've tried OSCommerce and cannot get it to work for the life of me. I'm having some luck with TomatoCart, but its missing a key feature I need - bundled products. Now I see that osCmas doesn't have this as a built-in feature, but I read some of the threads and found reference to this add-on: Bundled Products for OScommerce. Is this compatible with osCmax? Is it a drop-in type installation, or do I have to monkey around with code (which I can do, but I have no experience with php, html, or css - I haven't done any coding since I learned fortran 25 years ago - so that tells you how old I am too).

    Also, I need Paypal Express checkout. I don't see if this is a built-in feature of osCmax or if I need to use a plug-in for it. If I need a plug-in, will this plug-in that is for oscommerce work?: Paypal Express Plug-in for OSCommerce

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    Questions about features...

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    Default Re: Questions about features...

    Bundled products is not drop-in ... it would need some small code tweaks to work with osCmax. If you don't know any PHP, CSS or HTML it may be a bit tricky. You could also think about how you sell your products - if you set a product as a bundle it can be sold as a single item ... it is just the stock levels that are then tricky!

    PayPal is included you just need to turn it on ...


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