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osCMax Development Download

  1. michael_s
    Welcome to the osCMax testing team.

    The sole purpose of the team is to find and report bugs in each pre-release package. I assume you are already skilled with installing osCMax and using it. I will provide no support for installation or setup of osCMax.

    Here is where you can get the current pre-release pacakge:
    osCMax v2.0.15 Pre-Release

    The version number will change with each successive release. The part that will change is the rNNN (N is a number). It will always match up with the SVN revision number it is built from.

    Once you have the package installed, you can begin testing. When you are testing, the best method is to be systematic with your approach. Pick a feature set, and test it thoroughly. As you are testing, be sure to have the bugtracker opened so that you can instantly report the issues you come across.

    When reporting issues, make sure you are thorough. Post the exact problem, a complete description and exactly how to reproduce it or where it can be found (including the filename in your browser url bar.

    The bugtracker is located here:

    Create an account there, and make sure that you report the issues to the correct project, which is osCMax v2.0x SVN
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