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Thread: VPS Hosting-PCI Compliant?

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    I know the deadline is coming up to become PCI Compliant and I currently use Shared Hosting and I know it's not PCI Compliant. I have heard the best way to be PCI Compliant is to change to Dedicated Hosting. I am looking at several options that are VPS Hosting though. Would these be PCI Compliant?

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    VPS Hosting-PCI Compliant?

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    Default Re: VPS Hosting-PCI Compliant?

    Just switching to Dedicated of VPS will not make you compliant. You still would have to properly secure and maintain security on the VPS or server. In addition, even if your hosting/server is compliant, it doesn't mean that your business is.

    You would also have to follow proper PCI procedure in regards to processing and storing of cardholder data, both online and offline.

    PCI compliance is an all-encompassing morass...
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