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osCmax™ shopping cart software forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

General Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

This is a community of designers, developers, webmasters, shop owners, exeperienced and inexperienced people. Please remember that everyone here, regardless of background or experience level, deserves fair and respectful treatment. Be courteous and friendly and everyone will have a better experience.

Remember that as an active member of this site, you shape the tone, content and overall experience. Treat this site as your own, striving to maintain high standards for yourself and others.

Republishing your posts

We will occasionally republish threads and posts throughout our site. We do this to draw attention to useful information for other osCMax visitors. When we re-publish forum posts, we reserve the right to quote your discussion in newsletters, email and throughout our network. You will be identified in any republished works by your osCMax forums username only.


Reporting problems

If you locate a violation of the following guidelines, you can report it to us by clicking the 'Report Post' icont link in the upper right corner of every post. If you encounter any other problem with this site, please contact us immediately by using our osCMax contact form .


General Guidelines

  • Welcome new members : osCMax is a special community and it has become that way due to the friendly nature of our members. Be sure to go out of your way to make new members feel welcome. Joining a large technical community can be very intimidating for new members. Make sure you welcome them as you were welcomed.

  • No Personal Attacks : Do not post any personal attacks in the forums. They are not allowed and your post will be deleted without notice, and you risk being banned from the community. Attacking others in a public forum is not the way adults communicate, and as we are a community of adults, we do not allow it.

  • One account per person : Please do not sign up for more than one account. If we find you have signed up for multiple accounts, only the oldest account will be kept, and you run the risk of being banned from the community.

  • Personal Information : Before posting, note that your post will appear on our public forum and will be indexed and listed by the major search engines. This means it will become public knowledge. Keep your personal information private and do not post anything that is sensitive or should not be public.

  • Cross Posting/Duplicate Posts : Do not post the same topic more than once, in more than one forum. Duplicate discussions are frustrating for others, and make finding the actual discussion difficult. Multiple cross posting is considered spam, and can get you banned.

  • Language Usage : Do not use profanity, do not link to adults only material or use adults only avatars or images on this site. Your post will be removed or edited to clean it up. Again, this type of posting can result in getting banned from the site.

  • Advertising : osCMax has a strict No Advertising policy. Linking to your own sites or affiliate sites in your posts is considered advertising and self promotion. This could result in your membership being removed. At the very least, your post will be deleted or edited to remove the advertising. The only exception to this policy is in your Member Signature or designated areas of the site that allow advertising. This rule includes work requests.

  • Content from other sites : Do not post content from other sites. This is most likely a violation of the originating site's copyright. Simply link to the content to avoid any copyright infringement.

  • Private Messages : Use the same guidelines when sending a Private Message to another community member. No advertising or spam is allowed. Harrassment or advertising via the PM system is strcitly prohibited and will result in your account being suspended or deleted. To report unwanted or abusive PM behavior, use our osCMax contact form .

  • Old Threads : Do not reply to threads that have been dormant for more than four months. Create a new thread as your new post in that old thread will be moved and an infraction will be charged against you.

osCMax.com reserves the right to remove, modify or otherwise alter any post or thread on our site, regardless or content or authorship. All instances of such modification are at the sole discretion of osCMax.com and its agents. osCMax.com and its agents also reserve the right to remove or suspend all or part of any users membership should they violate any of these guidelines.

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