I need to create a page with only featured products, no header, footer or left and right columns. It is for a site with Wordpress in the root and OSCMax in a sub-folder. I want to display the featured products from the cart on the front page of the wordpress portion. I have tried creating a /catalog/index2.php, changing the three content/index links to reflect new content pages, and also created /catalog/templates/THEME/content/index_default2.tpl.php, index_nested2.tpl.php and index_products2.tpl.php. I have added the three content pages to the filenames.php but the content area comes up blank. If I can get this page to work I believe I can eliminate the header, footer and other parts not needed and just display the featured products, which I would then iframe (or some other method) into the Wordpress page.

How can I get this page to work? Is there an easier way to do it?